Commercial LC3 in N.I


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I am in uk
Mar 10, 2010
East Sussex
I have just started looking for a 90/120 cruiser, and have seen a commercial one in Northern Ireland, it's at a very good price plus they will put all of the seats back in it, also they will deliver it to my home.

Has anybody done this or had experience in importing like this, and is it legit, have sent loads of money to Japan before but this just seems like a good deal.


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I am in great_britain
Feb 24, 2010
springs, gauteng
andyw said:
...also they will deliver it to my home.
is this out of AutoTrader? There are a number of scams where people will deliver the car to you from abroad. They've apparently moved abroad and now need to sell it.
A mate of mine was looking at a Kugar (SP?) from some Switzerland where the guy would deliver. There was also a 100 for sale in Italy which was discussed here.

Of course, it may be legit ;)


Apr 3, 2010
Galway Ireland
FYI. Thats an Irish registered Vehicle, from down south of the border.
If you proceed to buy it:
You need to have the Injectors changed and the front calipers changed before you buy it.
There is a service campaign in the republic to change the Injectors, so this may have been done. If not they could probably do it for no cost to them at a Toyota dealer in the Republic.
The calipers will set you back £500 minimum id guess, if you end up having to do them yourself.
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Gary Stockton

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I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Maybe one of the Irish contingent can check it for you - Scubadec (who has one) or NuclearChicken if they're close enough? :D


Apr 3, 2010
Galway Ireland
Cheers Gary!

If its up north, Its a long way away from me!
And all i know about them is what iv read on here, and what iv been caught for (Injectors on a precautionary call back from the Garage I bought it off, and 1 Seized Brake Caliper €380) . (Iv no mechanical background)

But I love my 120... I dont use it for off road, just for Towing boats, launching them (Without ever letting the salt water near the LC.) and lugging my dive gear around the country.

Nuclear Chicken

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Apr 9, 2010
Norn Iron
Miles from me to, sorry guys. :thumbdown: Coming from the RoI and living in NI I wouldn't buy any second hand RoI commercial vehicle, as the Irish have, in general, little regard for cars at the best of times and multiply that by about 10 for commercial drivers. That's a bit of a generalisation but it tends to be true, by and large. There are loads of much better motors in England. That one may be an exception to the 'rule' but unless you can get it fully checked out by AA or similar, try elsewhere is my advice.
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