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Comparison of Lightweight Power Stations for Overlanding


Sep 18, 2012

In 2020, I replaced my AGM batteries with a small and lightweight portable LiFePO4 power station. Back then, I was often ridiculed, but today it has become quite common. Which power station is suitable for this purpose?

All of the tested providers are deemed "adequate" for this particular use case, but it should be noted that certain competitors have excelled in addressing the finer details of their offerings.

I sold my Land Cruiser in 2021, but its new owner is still driving it, currently on the Pan-American Highway. They are still using a portable power station to operate the cooler box, notebook, and drone. The power station is charged via solar power and the vehicle's 12V charging socket.

Here is my comparison:

Nope, those portable Power Stations are not superior to a DIY project with individual components. However, it is perfectly sufficient for many long-term travelers.

I did exceed size, weight, and price significantly as I tried to build something similar to a DIY power Setup...

Thanks for this Surfy.
I suppose the other matter is that these have a good second hand used value, as opposed to a home-made which many others will not want to take a risk on buying later on.....
Be well.