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Cruiser insurance...



Hi All
My dad is thinking of taking over my Cruiser, and since he is 56 years old,
I'm sure he should be able to get more reasonable insurance than I got (best
deal I got was around =A3900 - and I was 27 at that time).
Can any of you suggest a good and reliable insurance broker that would be
willing to insure imports? and that won't make my dad broke?
Also, my dad's also Dutch / South African... if that counts for anything.
Jake van Schaik
'90 LJ-78 Prado EX-5 Jap import.
Why have a mind if you can't change it?
Hello Jake,
If the LC is unmodified and your dad has no plans for it - try the
high street direct insurers. They have good prices for everything that
is as standard as possible but charge a lot for extras like green
cards. Don't try asking them any questions because their staff is
trained to be brain dead.
If your address is anywhere in the countryside, NFU offer reasonable
priced, flexible cover.
For a modifed LC try specialist brokers,such as Adrian Flux.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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