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Cylinder Head



Hi All,
I've finally figure out how to post a non html message to the list, and
having read the list rules, my last post was a thread hijack, so apologies
there. I'm in need of a new cylinder head, and as you can guess, Toyota ones
are expensive. The quotes I've had for second hand ones have been as much
as, or in some cases, close to a new one. I hope to have a look at one
today, but if it too is cracked, then my options are limited. A Spanish
company, AMC, sell pattern heads, which according to the guys who re-bored
my block, are very good. Do any of you have any opinion on AMC heads? There
are several companies in the midlands who will fusion weld cast iron heads,
providing a 12 month warranty, for about the same price as an AMC one, but
although they are Lloyds registered, and the cast iron welding is approved
by them, it's still an unknown for me. Do any of you have a decent cylinder
head for sale?
Forgot to say that the cylinder head I was looking for is a 12 valve 1HDT. I ended up getting a used unit from Stef, a breaker recommended by Julian. The price of a new head is eye watering. Cheapest non Toyota was a Spanish one made by F.Segura, =A3 550.00 delivered to the door. AMC do them, but were more expensive than the cheapest original which came in at just under =A3 900.00.