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Death wobble

Cooper pnc

New Member
Apr 25, 2023
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Hi, I am an old fart just bought a done up & over the top series 80. Never done 4wd adventuring so now have the wagon to go.I was researching this death wobble as mine has it at relatively low speeds, before & after braking.
I have read the gen. Nothing at this stage fits with the needed please! It passes WOF no issues, new all terrain BF Goodrich tyres, new swivel kit, brakes reco'd, discs scimmed, new pads. What is next?
How much is it lifted and how was caster correction done ?
It is a 3inch lift on an arb kit. Bought as is so can't answer the caster question. Thanks.
Worth asking the seller because changing the wheelbase length even a little can make all the difference .
Mind you "before and after braking" = when freewheeling off power . Power while disguise an alignment issue and just cause uneven wear on tyres if say your rear axle isn't running true because its time to replace control arms and panhard bushes ?
Has it got an adjustable rear panhard bar also when you got the truck was there any kit in the back or have you loaded it for your adventuring reckon if it was OK when you got and it was empty you could unload it and drive it with the new tyres if that does not inflict death certificate wobble then it must be down to the loading
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Hi Paul,

We had a death wobble problem after I renewed the suspension bushes on our truck. We have P38 coil springs and radius arms grafted to the Toyota 60 series front axle.
We took very exact wheelbase measurements and cross measurements - front right to rear left and vice versa - checked and re-checked with plumb lines on level base, etc, we found the problem. We inserted a 5ml thick washer onto one radius arm ahead of the bush (washer was same diameter as radius arm cup) - problem solved.

I suggest you measure everything exactly on a level base and it should show up the problem.


After all the usual checks, wheel bearings and anything with play in between the steering box and the hubs - steering ball joints etc., check for chassis cracks in the vicinity of the steering box mount.
if you see nothing it’s worth unbolting it and cleaning the chassis, sometimes they’re hair-line and almost impossible to see … ask me how I know…. :cry: