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Dip beams dead


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Mar 19, 2023
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Hi everyone.
Reading for hours and haven’t spotted a solution yet.

I’m upgrading my halogen headlights to whole led units.
90 was Totally fine in lead up to it, never a single electric glitch of any sort.
Low mileage so very fresh anyways.

I was playing around with the head relay (in fuse box)
And accidentally cross the terminals in the fuse box under this red relay

I have checked relays with power and continuity and all seems fine across red (head) and black(tail) relays.

The problem is I have no voltage on dip beams.
So I checked the stalk and sure enough I fried one of the small contacts inside the twist switch on end of the stalk for dip beams.
I have a new stalk ordered.

All other light functions have power, but now I noticed 5-7volts only on head beams.
All rest have full 12 volts and no other electric issue on the jeep.

I suspect I have fried the integration relay(under fuse panel under steering wheel) as it has same colour wires from headlight terminals through to stalk on the dash. (Red and yellow)

Help please!!!
And ground/earth wires . I replaced a 90 series stalk which fixed a multitude of problems , long time ago but headlights thought they were directional indicators and visa versa high beam thought it was low . I can't actually remember specifics but rotten tow bar electrics cause similar random weirdness .
Hi Karl
Thanks for reply.

Yes checked all fused internal and external with 12v supply and continuity/multimeter
(All act/sound/ behave normal)

Also 8pin plug is new last year and smothered in grease and behaved 100% normal daily before I rolled up my sleeves at the headlights.

Can any1 breakdown what the function of the integration rely is???

Also which I need to confirm later is
I think my battery is now running down due to some electric defect-soaking charge from battery. (Again previously never an issue)
Alternator is also working perfectly (tested with multimeter)
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Here's the diagram from Haynes in case you dont already have one. Assume its a later 90, because the diagram for the earlier trucks doesn't have an integration relay....


  • 90wiring.pdf
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It’s a 1997 j90 Prado. 1kz diesel

I don’t have a wire diagram for it, but looked up a few but still studying to be honest………

I found that the same red yellow wire directly from headlights come through into cab and go into integration relay and then head one twist switch on the head light/indicator stalk

I have yet to do continuity tests on all this to make sure it’s the same wire. But colours agree so far.
Have a look on that diagram, it suggests a red/white wire linking the switch to the integration relay. Hmmm 1997 is early i think - is it definitely an integration relay?
Studying the wire diagram all seems to match but according to that there is no red/yellow wire entering it exiting the Integration relay which doesn’t agree but I could be wrong and was hurrying along due to darkness…….
Thanks for the diagram tho…. Will come in handy later with front fog light install……
Also if you Study this photo in the loom
above the green/white wire is the red/yellow Through to the stalk from The integration rely
Any other suggestions as to why I don’t have power at the dip beam headlight connector??? And possibly a battery drain now…….??

I’m Baffled!!
Have you tested your battery, and have you seen any more amps being drawn when everything is supposed to be idle?

I'd follow the wire back from the headlight and see if you get 12V anywhere - ie where does the problem start.
All other electrics
Interior and exterior function correctly.

Indicators fine
Side/parking lights fine
Dip headlights dead
Full headlights and blue light in dash fine

7 pin plug fine

Good battery and good 14+ volt with engine running.