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Mar 7, 2010
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Found an ad from someone who warn against buying his car, with some good justification.
Translated through Google:

REP OBJECT! Find yourself another car! YOU ARE warned!
The perfect family car for those who like unexpected stops, and lots of expenses. With this car, you never have to wonder what you will use your money on. Except public transport and repairs. Good comfort, ice cold AC, 7 seats and space for luggage. Remember tent and toothbrush. With this car you never know how long you are gone. You ought to have that habit to start 2-3 days before you would have gone with another car. This also applies to the return trip. Keep a few extra vacation days as backup. If you rely on this car, you will probably not come in time anywhere, ever again. But by all means. Exciting it is always to drive the Wind Star. If you also suffer from LOW blood pressure, you will for the future be healed. Without even visiting the Snåsa man.
The car is pretty to look at. .... . This is a wolf in sheep's clothing .. No rust. Replaced all parts up to several times. Big end bearings in the engine 2008. However, some knocking when accelerating. Crank is probably a bit skewed? But have used it like this with no problem since December 2008. There have been so many other problems that this has been a trifle.
Transmission is overhauled a little while ago. Receipts for about 100000 NOK.
Lots of equipment. Combination lock to lock / open doors as well as remote central locking. By the way lost the code.
Year-round tires driven 300 km max. Since that it has only been run on a trailer.
Perfect for kids on long trips. Good to sit in while waiting for roadside assistance.
AC adjustable independent front and rear. Original bike racks for 3-4 bikes are also included. Nice when you have broken down. Lots of car for the money (heavy and large). Moderate consumption. The cost of gasoline will be your smallest problem.
Given km = Miles. Multiply km with 1.7? Not sure. Had I been smart, I had not bought the Windstar.
Service Booklet and all original books included. Instruction book is partially illegible due to wear.
The car was purchased by a Norwegian who worked in the United States, brought to Norway as household goods.
(Of all the cars to choose from, you took the Windstar???) .....
Photos show the same car and summer wheels. (File Photo)
The car has exhausted starter motor, and worn brake band left rear.
The plates were taken off before the New Year. It stood deserted parked for two months in the hope that someone would steal it or brake it. But not even the mob or the thieves wanted to get close to it even if I leave two thousand-notes readily visible on the front seat.
Please Bid! Can sell parts if interested. But if you have a car like this, dispose of it immediately. Things will not get better. Sorry to say it, but we who have chosen the Windstar have proven that we have absolutely no clue whatsoever when it comes to cars and our own good.
I would like to pay to get rid of it, but you get the 1500 NOK vrakpant even though it is a Windstar, and the tires are very good. So, I ought to get a little.
In addition, it should be noted that it is equipped with such bad light, that driving in the dark is directly dangerous. But because of the reliability this is hardly a problem.
Windstar is actually Latin and means gangrene. It lives up to it.
Are you still not convinced? Want gangrene? Call for more info .. But only serious such. Malicious people who want to rub salt in the wounds, can call someone else. Not sure I will take the phone even. But you could try ..
Sometimes you have to choose between the plague and cholera. Here you get both.
Playhouse for the kids might have been something if they were sure not to get nightmares, side effects or adaptation problems when they grow up due to Windstar Exposure. I read an American study in which one concluded that the Windstar Owners would rather live with a notoriously unfaithful wife, than to buy Windstar again .. But if you have no wife, is the choice easier.
Good car when it works, but it may well be compared with a few peoples relation to sex. You can not remember the last time and when it then happens, you haven't even started to enjoy it before it's over.
Hear from you!
Thought I'd finish with "Don't delay - do it today", but it fits better with "Run away an stay away"

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