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Don't watch to many movies.

How stupid was this?

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Martin Stojanov

New Member
Mar 25, 2021
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Toyota Land Cruiser Jump Crash | Don’t Watch Too Many Movies

Honestly, I love stunts and adrenaline-packed action. But honestly, this was little under planned and no calculations were involved. And the idea was just very bad from the start.

I have seen many action-packed off-roading videos that involved some dangerous pathways. But to be honest I think they still could have had fun if it wasn’t for this little stupid idea.

I love the fact that the uploader stated that it was all going great until “Mr.Majoo” had the “brilliant” idea and felt like he got some kind of magical superpowers like the heroes in the Bollywood movies.

Hopefully, he recovered without serious and long term injuries, I have no doubt that this experience was traumatizing for him but hopefully he learned from his mistake.

Watch the video here.
I doubt very much he expected to get that kind of lift , looks to me like he took off before he reached the ridge , not bleeding badly his jaw looks straight and he's still conscious ,few stitches and a beer he will be fine i reckon .

Love the Tosun truck in the first vid i found that ages ago and it made me want to build my own rear bumper .
OMG that brought back memories, when I was in Morocco with Barrie Dunbar we were dune bashing spread out in line abreast, going over a dune I couldn't see the other side before I got to the top unfortunately on the other side of where I went over the wind had blown away a lot of sand leaving an almost sheer drop of about 10/15 ft, where the others went over was just a usual slope.
I had taken off my seat belt (you don't get much traffic in the Sahara)(never again) I landed like that geezer in the vid my head smashed the windscreen but didn't go through, my head was OK apart from a bit of a neck ache, Barrie's Max co-driver chauffeured me for a couple of days 'til my neck recovered.