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Dump pipe removal 1HDT to fit 3" exhaust


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Oct 20, 2021
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Fitting 3" exhaust is a super simple job.....but I wonder if I am missing a trick with the dump pipe nuts. Grateful for any info on how others have approached removing the exhaust dump pipe on a 1HDT.

Down to just one nut now (top left nut). I'd prefer to not remove the manifold heatshield (I can access the top left nut from underneath the car). Regardless of access it seems a 14 mm socket wont fit over the nut as the space between the nut and pipe is not large enough (if that makes sense). Anyway - if you have done this before, appreciate some pointers!

Cheers in advance.
A decent length 14 mm ring key from above is how I normally do it.
Cheers for this. I ended up removing the heat shield nuts, which gave just enough room to crack the nut. I didn't remove the turbo crossover pipe - so it meant the heatshield was still in the way, but again, just enough room.