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DIY 3" dump pipe + exhaust


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May 3, 2023
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Hi guys,

Preparing to make my own complete 3" dump pipe + exhaust next week and want to see if anyone on here has experience.
Personally the dump pipe seems to concern me the most because of the Awkward oval shape on the turbo.
I ordered a flange on ebay and would like to see if people have any tips or tricks to smoothly go from this shape to a round 3" pipe.
Thinking about buying this oval to round 3" piece and then fabricate it a bit to fit the little straight section on the oval flange.

Also should the flexi piece be on the dump pipe or can it be on the next piece of the exhaust.

Next im in doubt of either going to the back of the car or making it a side pipe exhaust.
I would go straight all the way with no dampers. Can always fit one later if it would be too loud or annoying.

All tips&tricks are welcome!


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Let's see how easy this will come off wish me luck that no bolts will be rounded on the dump pipe...


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The bastard is finally loose... That one nut took 3 hours to get off.
Had to fabricate a long slightly bend piece of iron to loosen it. Now let's start welding the new pipe


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Almost done.
Doubting if i should go side pipe or just stop in the middle of the car with a bend facing downwards. Dont want to go to the back of the car.
Fitted these two pieces already and the car is VERY LOUD almost a bit too loud... I guess the complete straight 3" might be better with one muffler.... Ill see if it gets annoying with time.


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Nice work.... that doesn't look like a home workshop .
Thank you.
And no its at my work place. Got all the machinery i need, except for a car lift which would be handy

The exhaust is almost finished,
Pictures will follow later tonight.
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Exhaust is done.
Completely straight side pipe.
Is very loud... Don't notice any power gains right away to be honest.
Next would be fitting a EGT gauge but normally from what ive read the temperature should drop with the straight pipe. Which was the main reason for doing this.

The exhaust did turn completely black on the inside after a short drive.
I guess this is normal for an old diesel.
No black/blue smoke coming out only a little bit of white smoke on start up.


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