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Early Winter Camp - Nov 23 - Fotheringhay nr Peterborough


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Dec 15, 2017
Looking to see if there's enough interest to put on another camp at Fotheringhay in November.

The formula is very simple. A massive field to ourselves next to the River Nene. Portaloo and fresh water. Walking and cycling tracks. Access to the river. Some history bits. Friendly farmer. Central location ten minutes from the A1. Pub in the village. Very reasonable charges. Stay for one or two nights (or more) or just turn up for the day. Any setups and dogs and kids etc all welcome.




With Trevor's pub in late October I'm not sure what weekend to pick. I would suggest 10-12 Nov but flexible so please state your preference.

1) Jacob 10-12
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Can't do the 10-12th weekend but any other weekend in Nov works
1) Jacob 10-12
2) Jon 10-12, or 26-27, or any of the others really
3) Andy and Maria ( anytime)
New faces especially welcome. If you haven't been before, just turn up and it will be a cracking weekend with new friends. Promise.
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I must admit it completely slipped my mind. Happy to give it another go if there's enough interest but it won't be this weekend.
Would have loved to join you but now work weekends…:cry: