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EGR replace or delete


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May 7, 2020
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I'm at this stage in my land cruisers life where the EGR needs replacing, obviously Toyota want to bend me over and give me a good seeing to, I don't really want to spend that kind of money if there is another way, recommendations please
What exactly is wrong with it? Can it be cleaned? Mine was quite gummed up and I took it off and cleaned it. I also have a blanking plate in place now which stops the exhaust gas from being circulated back through the EGR valve.

Both quite common and quite a few have done these
I believe it's blocked, rough idling, rough on low revs driving, smooth higher revs, found oil leaking from the pipe from the intercooler to the EGR


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If it's blocked, as Tony says, have it off and give it a good clean and blank off.
These can get some serious tarry s**t build up in them, and the throttle body will probably be well sooted up too. Take a look on fourby4diesels for more info, a mine of info on 120's.
I stopped watching him, that man made me a hypochondriac, every little thing INJECTORS great videos, when I have sometime I'll get on his video's
Don't look then, just get on and do it. Haha.
I just thought seeing what he does with egr clean would give you an insight of what to expect/do.

I know what you mean though, look at a medical encyclopedia and you think you have every ailment and disease known to man, now that is hypochondria !
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Couple of pics, before and after...

Easy job to do, albeit a bit of a dirty job


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stage in my land cruisers life where the EGR needs replacing
At what mileage does this needs replacing or cleaning. I am at 62K now and using only for long drives 95% long/motorway journeys.
I'm at 140k at the moment, not sure it's ever been done, I'm the 2nd owner from 107k but I'm getting some symptoms of a blocked EGR
Probably did mine at 100k miles, but can't be sure
I don't think mileage alone is the main factor, I would say the way the lc is used contributes too.
Used daily on school runs/shopping where the engine barely has time to get hot stop starting, or daily motorway/other where the engine can get up to speed and hot and blow out/burn off a lot of deposits. Regular maintenance/oil changes are all advantages too.
When I did the injectors on mine I also did the EGR delete using the OzBush box of tricks. I've done about 6,000 miles since and it's been much cleaner and felt like it's driving better. Even after doing italian tune ups all of the black soot would come out and would come back after about 2 weeks. The back of the car would be black. Since the EGR delete none of that has happened at all.

I wouldn't hesitate to do it. But if you're at 140k miles, you might want to look at injectors too if it's rough idling.