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[ELCO Digest] 100 series autobox prob



Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 11:12:36 +0000
Subject: Re: [ELCO] 100 series autobox prob
From: Clive Marks <[Email address removed]>
Reply-To: [Email address removed]
I have to ask, why the CDL?, I can't fathom that. Thanks.
-- Regards, Clive Marks Home: +44 1293 514600 Mobile: +44 7821 491897
Crawley, West Sussex, UK.
If the vehicle is a full time 4wd and the centre drive train device is
an open type differential and you have a broken axle shaft, broken
birfield joint or any other air gap in the drive train anywhere it will
not move forward or backwards with any degree of regularity.
To some people this feels like an automatic transmission failure. To
others, hearing the sound of the birfield grinding, it can seem to be a
damaged wheel bearing.
If it is a clean break int he axle shaft it may not make any noise at all.
If it is a clean break outside of the CV joint it can even send false
signals to the ABS control system via the ABS sensor that only looks at
the inside of the CV joint.
If you are driving an 80 or 100 offroad and you snap a CV and still want
to drive it home you will have a very hard time doing so with the centre
diff open.
I could be wrong, I only have a tiny bit of experience with Land Cruisers.
Dave Stedman
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