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ELCO Weekend...



Very jealous that I can't attend this weekends events. Have a good weekend
and make sure plenty of pics are taken!
2000 Colorado 3.0 TD VX
Hi Martin,
Yes, it is shaping up well. We have had a fair bit or rain overnight but
hopefully it should dry out a bit.
It looks like we are going to top the record of Salisbury Plain a couple of
years back where we had 34LCs together.
This weekend we should have..
37 LCs (mainly 80s, but also one or more 60s, 90s, 100s, and 120s.)
85 People
60 for the Hog Roast on Saturday evening.
Onwards and upwards!!
Julian Voelcker
0845 508 6863
Ledbury, Herefordshire. UK
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift and a few goodies.
Hi all
Had a great weekend, great food and good company
Hope to see you all soon
Ray dadd
1994 80 series
beaten up and battered in the name of fun
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