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ELCO What is good bigger breaks for 80s?



Hello the guys,
Well my 80 is to be faster with new block and Maarten intercool kit
turbo. I will have more GO but now I need more WHAO.
Mine is have old small breaks. I know because Maarten tell me disk
size and I measure mine. Who you guys did you put on bigger breaks and
did it works well? Which company did you choose on?
I see DBA make better disks but I want bigger disks and roters too.
I see that newer 80s have bigger breaks but is that realy good enough?
Hi Benoit
I have as you know had brake problems for years which is a real pain.
They have been tested and are safe and always stop the cruiser but like you
I want more braking power.
If you want to change to bigger discs you will firstly need 16inch wheels to
start with as the OEM wheels of 15inch are too small.
My brakes are in my opinion in need of somthing but what I dont know.
I have thought of the idea of changing the discs and calipers to the larger
ones which are post 92 for years now but didn't and now wish I had.
I think the bigger brakes give an extra 22% surface braking if I remember
rightly but it also depends on the type of brake pad used and the type of
disc used.
I replaced all my discs with Milners and the rear two calipers with Milners
and new pads but am not happy.
As far as I can remember I was advised to use the Toyota pads with the DBA
Gold discs which are slotted and drillled to maximise braking power because
of less friction and better heat dispersion.
So if you had the bigger DBA discs which are supposed to be better than the
solid discs you should have better braking.
There is a potenial draw back to these discs if you go off road in that they
can fill with mud or small stones which could cause problems.
But I think if you check them every now and again you would spot the
If I was to change the brakes again I would do this as the other option did
not work for me.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
Hi John
with that letter you knock me out-you improve so much I would thought
it was Julian wrote it!!
My compliments to you ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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