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Engine stalling..


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Apr 24, 2022
Dear all. I have a LC120 2005 automatic KD1 model. It has done 162K miles. I am currently on a long drive from London to Capetown and reached Namibia last week. Our LC ‘Rafa’ had extensive upgrades for the journey which included new fuel injectors. We had few issues with alternator about 10K ago but after some settings change it seems to be working fine since.

Just in last week, I noted that engine would start ok and just stall suddenly. Initially I thought, it happened only when I put it in reverse soon after starting it and would happen occasionally may be 1 out of 20 times. In last three days, it seems to be happening more often but not always. Engine wod start ok with single turn of the key and after 3-5 seconds would stall, withoit doing anything ie change of gears etc. When starting again, it takes a longer turn of the ignition key to start but has always started so far. Frequency of stalling is increasing day by day. Once the engine is running, performance is normal.

I did have a leaky rear suspension and left front bearing changed few days ago. It wasn’t a Toyota place but when I mentioned about stalling, they plugged in the computer but no error codea were identified. They also weren’t sure as to why it was stalling?

It happened few times today, when I was driving through the desert, didn’t see another vehicle for more than 200km. This is now making me anxious as to how long before, it just refuses to start leaving us stranded in the desert.

I will try to find out if there is a Toyota place in Walvis bay in next few days. Was wondering if anyone else has come across a similar issue? I did get the batteries tested and they weren’t bad either.

Thanks for all your responses.

Pic: Rafa in Spitzkoppe, Namibia today :)


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What is fuel quality? Air quality? Cleaning out the air filter is easy. Get a replacement diesel filter is harder, make sure if you do replace it - it's the oe filter and not a 'just as good' odd named one.

What is the condition of the scv ? Maf sensor clean'ish?

And no gremlins in the electrics ?

The other thing is when the vendor checks for codes, it maybe good to ask them to look at fuel pressure and the associated readings. Since it these won't get to the stage to throw error codes till they get quite bad.
If it stalls again, before you start it, see if you can press the plunger on top of the filter housing, or if its already hard. Just want to be sure the filter housing is not losing vacuum which happens sometimes if the filter has been changed and its been cross threaded!
Thanks GOK & Karl2000. I had engine oil changed about 2K ago in Congo but it seems they had put in a lot extra. When it was checked few days ago at the garage, it looked worse than it should have so they changed the oil as well as the filter. I have a flash lube secondary fuel filter which was also changed along with the primary filter in Congo. There was a fuel filter light fladhing at the time whoch disappeared after change of filters. Had air filter changed at the same time. Excuse my ignorance but I don’t know what SCV is. I am hoping Toyota people in Walvis bay can check it up. Will post an update.
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What was the fuel filter flashing light? That sounds like it could be the warning when the water trap at the bottom of the diesel filter is full.

You probably already know but there's a tap on the bottom which you can open which lets the collected water out which should get the light off if that's all it is.

Scv is suction control valve. The very old 120s have two - a red one and a green one.

The others have a single one - and it's either long or short. The short ones were usually fitted from new - they're a known problem - they're one of the few things that can cause a 1kd to stall. They changed the design to a longer one which fixes the problem - they seem to be much more reliable.

Most of us here have replaced the short ones with the newer ones long before they fail, because it's only a matter of time.

There's threads on here about it, or have a look on YouTube at fourby4diesel - he's got videos about it!

Just out of interest how much extra oil did they put in? You will already know but to check the oil level on the 1kd get it up to temp, then stop the engine, wait 5 mins and check the dipstick.

Good luck!
I think the fourby4 guy has a video on MAF sensor cleaning as well, just blow it out with lots of dry air ( like you get at a camera store,.to clean lenses with ).

Almost any liquid you put in there is going to be the wrong one unless it's made specifically for cleaning maf's.

And I guess all these filters you had replaced were Toyota spec ones ? Specially be careful with the fuel ones. Lots of local brands are terrible and the 1kd does not like poor quality fuel.
Thanks Karl. I know you are meant to get rid of the water and I tried but just couldn’t undo it. I had spare fuel filter as well as another flashlube. They removed both of them a d put new ones in! They suggested nompoint draining it and better to put new one in..

I will have to check SCV tomorrow. I think it was fair bit extra. I didn’t bother to check at the time as didn’t expect them to mess up such a simple task. I am taking it to Toyota tomorrow in Walvis bay. Will mention what you have shared.
Iirc the scv was £110 and it's a 1hr job for a person like me, who only has two left thumbs..

If the scv is gone, you will definitely see the fuel pressure all over the place. I don't just mean it's high or it's low, but it actually changes rapidly while you watch the techstream with the engine idling.
Thank you all. I have come to Walavis Bay Toyota. Shared all your suggestions with the chief technician. They will check it over. Will update later.

Could I please ask if nothing comes up, is it something dire that I need to worry about? It has always started on second attempt and never stalls the second time in same sitting,
Could I please ask if nothing comes up, is it something dire that I need to worry about? It has always started on second attempt and never stalls the second time in same sitting,

Unfortunately I dont think anyone can answer that, without us understanding whats causing the stall...

Please let us know what Toyota say - if its got the short scv they need to be changing that as a minimum!
Toyota guys say everything is fine. Fuel pressures, injectors all performing well. No serious fluctuations.


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Thanks for the info. What kind of SCV is in it? Fuel pressure looks OK

Quick one - why is the load % so high? With aircon off, and everything (radio etc) off, it should be around 12% when idle if its on new injectors. 27% is what I'd expect to see when the injectors are about to go?

Injection volume (12.26) also seems very high - would expect around 6.

Not saying thats related to your stalling problem just observations.

Injector checks need to be more than just looking at the 4 feedback values, but Toyota will know this.
Hi Karl2000. I mentioned SCV specially and answer was that it looks ok, despite me asking they didn’t say whether it’s a short or a long one! They said it doesn’t need replacement as far as they can tell and won’t touch it. After that they ran some sort of overall healthcheck on their computer and it was fine as well. The only thing they suggested was to turn the ignition key, wait few seconds before actually starting the engine.

They did offer to come to me, if it didn’t start again but the problem is I might be 500 miles away..
If you take a photo of your high pressure pump under the bonnet, we'll be able to tell you what kind of SCV it is!

If you dont know where the pump is, follow the hose from the diesel filter housing towards the front of the car - that hose will go to the pump.

The delay sounds sensible - but you always wait for the glow plug light to go out anyway, right?
Here's two pics that show the short and long version. You might have a set of a red one and a green one instead....


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