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Engine stalling..

Thanks Karl. I am not sure if I always waited for the glowlights to go out before turning they key fully but will keep that in mind. Will take pics when I get back to the hotel and share with you.
Another thought, just in case you're not aware of the immobiliser on these.

When I've had the immobiliser kick in, the engine has actually fired up and run for 1 - 2 seconds then its killed. I think your engine is running for longer than this before it dies, so I dont think its the immobiliser, but worth mentioning maybe to make you aware.

If / When it dies next time, check the dash lights to make sure you havent got the immobiliser symbol (key) on there.

The immobiliser on these seems to be particularly sensitive to battery voltage. You'd think if the battery had enough power to fire up the engine the immobiliser would always be happy, but from what I've seen thats not always the case.

If you do suspect an immobiliser problem, double check your batteries (car batteries, not the ones in your keyfob - theyre just used for the remote buttons not the immobiliser) are charged OK and maybe start using a different key for a while if you have one - see if that makes any difference!
I dont think the mechanic is familiar or even knows what an scv is, to say it looks ok, and they won't touch it ??
Most of the mechanics in the dealers are new to the trade in a way they never trained on these. And FSM's are not always available either.

Something I discovered with Toyota Sidcup.