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Engine stalling

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Apr 24, 2022
Dear all. I have a LC120 2005 automatic KD1 model. It has done 162K miles. I am currently on a long drive from London to Capetown and reached Namibia last week. Our LC ‘Rafa’ had extensive upgrades for the journey which included new fuel injectors. We had few issues with alternator about 10K ago but after some settings change it seems to be working fine since.

Just in last week, I noted that engine would start ok and just stall suddenly. Initially I thought, it happened only when I put it in reverse soon after starting it and would happen occasionally may be 1 out of 20 times. In last three days, it seems to be happening more often but not always. Engine wod start ok with single turn of the key and after 3-5 seconds would stall, withoit doing anything ie change of gears etc. When starting again, it takes a longer turn of the ignition key to start but has always started so far. Frequency of stalling is increasing day by day. Once the engine is running, performance is normal.

I did have a leaky rear suspension and left front bearing changed few days ago. It wasn’t a Toyota place but when I mentioned about stalling, they plugged in the computer but no error codea were identified. They also weren’t sure as to why it was stalling?

It happened few times today, when I was driving through the desert, didn’t see another vehicle for more than 200km. This Engine is now making me anxious as to how long before, it just refuses to start leaving us stranded in the desert.

I will try to find out if there is a Toyota place in Walvis bay in next few days. Was wondering if anyone else has come across a similar issue? I did get the batteries tested and they weren’t bad either.

Thanks for all your responses.
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