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exhaust middle box, with or without


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Mar 2, 2010
Well whilst giving mine a good clean I noticed that the centre box (exhaust) has taken a knock and I think explains the loose baffles that I have.

I was wondering what would happen if I removed it and put a straight through instead, would it affect the turbo back pressure thus resulting in shorting the life of the turbo and its performance. Or maybe decrease the fuel economy and the BlackWidows (yes it has happened my truck has a name :roll: :lol: ) performance.

And of course the big one will it get through an M.O.T test with the centre box missing.

Your thoughts guys.

Your Turbo won't mind and might even spin up a bit quicker. Normaly though it's the front and back box's you lose and keep the centre box! Shouldn't affect your MOT, you need clouds of smoke for that on a diesel and can't see any reason why the tester would care how many box's you have ;)
Thanks for that Jon is there a risk of the turbo over spinning.

Certainly on the 80 it is as massive improvement.

I started by taking out the rotten centre box and replacing with a straight through pipe.
When the exhaust died completely I replaced it with a stainless 2 1/2" straight through with
the smallest box ever.

The turbo lag is less than half of what it used to be, the engine picks up lots faster and best of all
the fuel consumption dropped from 18mpg to 22mpg.
It's not the quitest with this system but most of those who have heard it do like the sound, (aggressive
without being too intrusive).

My MOT man had no problem when I removed the centre box and still had no issues with the side exit straight through.
I am looking to ditch my exhaust (i still remember you rob ;) and want a stainless straight through, i am being told about custom made but are there any suppliers for off the shelf stuff?
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Is a group buy sneaking up on us?
My rear section is pretty much rotted through and I patched a tiny pinhole just ahead of the middle silencer a month ago. So you, me and Rob would make 3 x 24v's in the market... Presumably the same exhaust would fit any of our 24v's? We would just have to agree specs (bore, exit point etc) - the devil may lie in the detail there :twisted:

I would be interested in a big bore system with the minimum of silencers for the green car.

Already done mine Steve. It sounds nice, runs that little bit better and passed the MOT no problem. I got the bits from Jetex. They were brill.

Yours is what made me think of getting rid of mine, yours does sound really nice with that burble :D :D