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Factory winch and bumper questions

Ron Burgundy

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Jul 24, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I have a 2013 LC79 double cab, and would like to add a winch, while retaining the factory bumper. I found somebody on Facebook marketplace selling a factory winch, mount, and bumper off a 2019. Are the ‘13 and ‘19 bumper and winch mounting plates interchangeable?
what are thoughts on the factory winch? I have been running the Smitty built X 20 winches for several years, and I’ve been happy with those. Living in Costa Rica, I have been unable to find a winch plate, and getting a winch into the country will take over a month, and cost double of what it should. A picture of the winch add is below, along with a shot of my truck.
What are your thoughts?
thank you,


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I would say yes the front ends are identical and the factory winch and bumper will fit. I could be wrong but I don’t think the front has changed at all from the 2007 changes to the front axle width and panels.

I have the factory winch fitted. Make sure they sell you the solonoid etc which is mounted remotely, on mine it is next to the battery . There is little info available on the factory winch unit but what I have found suggests it is a good unit.