February 2002 100 series 1HD FTE Auto transmission issue

Paul D S

New Member
I am in australia
Jul 9, 2020
Hi Guys,
i dont know if any body can help,i recently bought a 3 speed with overdrive 1hdfte and the gear box is clunking through the gears ,i have taken it to an auto transmission specialist who said theres to much pressure through the gears and tested it out and scanned it etc ,said theres nothing wrong with the gear box and its electrical either between the air flow and ecu as it keeps blowing a fuse ,has anybody had this problem before in knowing were to look Thanks


Well-Known Member
I am in uk
Aug 7, 2014
They are not the smoothest of gearboxes but I would start with a check of the drive train as a loose uj or torsion bar bush wear would be my guess.
Backlash and movement throughout the system could produce clunky changes, I have also swapped out the splined drive hubs on the front axle on mine as they were quite worn too.
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