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Fog lights



Sorry but I can't talk about front fogs, as on these pages I was
recently admonished for using them to make-up the deficiency in my
Pajero's dipped headlamps. But no matter, I intend to put some on
the front of my 80 for exactly the same reason (the 80 is notorious
for its poor dipped lights), before my next long drive across Europe
next month. This apart from the need for them in the heavy snow which
I often encounter.
So for the rear foglamps. My military spec 80 does not have rear fogs
as the military aren't big on extra lighting for any purpose - I
don't even have a glovebox light. My dilemma was much the same as
yours except that I had to comply with local Bosnian police
requirements, except that no one appears to know what they are. No
handy accessible information on dimensions etc. from a website as in
UK. I also wanted to keep the lamp up out of harm's - and rocks
way. I bought a 'Ring' foglamp from Halfords on a trip back to UK -
none available in Bosnia - and surface mounted it on the back door.
Most likely unlike you, I have twin troopie back doors, though I
would guess that the surface curvature will be the same within the
design of the 80/75/60/90/100 etc. whether it has a tailgate or
doors. Therefore I had to mount the lamp with two small rubber window
wedges at the back of the lamp to bring it parallel to the road
surface rather than point slightly downwards as the curve of the door
would have dictated. So I chose what I considered a commonsense
place near the bottom left corner of the left hand door (LHD car)
with allowance for clearance away from the rear lamp cluster when the
door was swung open. I then wired it with heavy twin core inside the
body alongside other wiring right from a good quality Durite
illuminated push-pull switch on the dash and then down to the kick
panel and just inside the door sills with other Toy cable. It is not
interlinked with the dip beam but I didn't think the average Bosnian
plod would be exactly bothered about that should I have the rare
misfortune to be stopped. I have the added advantage of the 80 not
being registered in any European country, therefore I don't have to
undergo an annual MoT of any kind where I might come under scrutiny.
I see you are in Herts, I currently have my 80 with me in Tring if
you want to have a look.
(Tel 07770 43 10 43)
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia