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Door locks

Emon Khan

New Member
Oct 16, 2019
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Hi All, have a 1994 UK spec 80. My drivers door lock barrel is broke, have taken it out and upon inspection see that one the sliders is broke, so will definitively need to replace. So should I be changing the whole lot i.e. both door lock barrels and the ignition barrel for simplification of keys; any UK suppliers, nothing on eBay at the moment and a bit desperate. @karl webster do you have any please? Many thanks.
Some years back my driver door lock barrel gave up the ghost, we took the serial number off of the ignition barrel and ordered from Toyota, can't remember the cost though. Actually I got a new programmed key at the same time, but I must admit I rarely use the physical door lock as I use the fob of my Thatcham 1 alarm to unlock. Hope this helps.
Thanks for your response, I have now also contacted Toyota now and they have said the same, about £75
Hi, just searching for info on locks and came across your post. The drivers key/lock starting to cause issues on my 96 Prado, the remote button on the key gave up the ghost a long time ago, so now its manual locking/unlocking, when it works, when it doesn't its via the passenger door. I guess continually locking/unlocking is wearing the lock and key. £75 doesn't sound to bad particularly from Toyota, what did they provide?
Hi, the 80 hasn't gone in for the change yet. I am still thinking about it. That is the proposed cost of the barrel only. They will then match the vehicle to the original key on their database and set the barrel before shipping to the dealer, there is a 1 hour Toyo charge for the config. I am doing all the fitting to the door handle myself.
In your case if it works at all but fails, I would take the locking mechanism out, the motor inside, give it all a good careful clean of the brushes, that may just solve your problem. There are some utube videos on it. Also clean the lock barrel/cylinders with a good spray cleaner and then some wd40.
Hi Emon, thanks I have been promising to attempt it but always find something more important I need to do!
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