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For Paul



For Paul
I appreciate all you have done for the group for the Sunday event, but
am a little disappointed you are bringing your LR.
At the end of the day, LR people still try and "lead"....(sorry, I'm
griping) I'm disappointed, and will probably remain so all of Sunday...
What I say is this - get the LC fixed up like the rest of us are
doing/will be doing.
You came to see mine, and you'll remember, and you went home without
buying it, of which I am very glad - even then you came in your
landrover. Remember I asked you why you wanted another one when you
already had one?
Gareth mentioned he had some road tyres for people who might want them,
you should have taken advantage of his offer and, if they were the right
size, they would have been decent enough tyres for you.
End or rant - Are you able to instil confidence in me that you are not
like many other landrover/disco/RR people around who continue to cut me
up on the motorways and B roads?
I'm really sorry about this rant Paul, but I really don't like other
road users cutting me up, least of all RR/disco drivers. Okay its a pet
hate, but you are an intelligent guy, and you probably know exactly
where I am coming from - if you don't, then may be I won't be so
exacting on you after all, because then I might believe that there are
LR/RR/Disco people out there who DON'T take advantage of any
opportunities to piss LC owners/driver off.