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Eforbes Aug 2, 2019

  1. Eforbes

    Eforbes New Member I am in scotland

    hi looking for any information you clever lot have on the possibility of fitting freewheeling hubs on my 90 ? Would surf ones fit ? I can’t find any specific Colorado/prado kits online for sale ! Is it even possible?
  2. chadr

    chadr Well-Known Member I am in england

    I'm no expert but I don't think you can fit free wheeling hubs on the 90 series, as it's permanent 4 wheel drive.

    I may be talking complete BS, so you should get a second opinion
  3. goodoldboy

    goodoldboy Well-Known Member

    Why bother would be my first question.what are you hoping to achieve? Being permanent 4x4 shouldn't matter I think , in fact isn't that the purpose of freewheeling hubs?
  4. Chris

    Chris Super Moderator Supporter I am in europe

    Why look to fit them? There's a myth that it improves economy. It doesn't. I think it's probably possible to do it though. Maybe something off a Hilux might fit. You'd have to lock the centre diff to give drive to the rear wheels and all the front drive train, diff, axles etc would all still turn. But you then just have a rear wheel drive only Colorado. The time money and effort that you'd put into that would be more than any saving that you think you might make running in 2x4. The drive train on Cruisers is so beautifully made that there's no practical reason to drive in 2 wheel drive. Some vehicles like my Hilux don't have a centre diff; just a splitter. It's crude and cheaper. They NEED to be able to disengage the front drive. A Collie doesn't. Seriously I wouldn't mess with nature.
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    MODVRS Member I am in england

    If you did manage to fit them and tried to pull away in normal high range mode on the transfer box the car wouldn't move at all; it would be the same as if the front wheels were lifted in the air and all the drive would be taken up spinning the front drivetrain with nothing going to the rear. If you locked the centre diff you would get drive to the rear but drive would also go to the front propshaft and drive shafts, defeating the purpose of unlocking the front hubs is to stop the wasteful rotation of the front prop and driveshafts in 2WD mode. To make it work as intended you would need to change the transfer box as well to one with the option of rear wheel drive only mode.

    (EDIT: in the time it took to type this Chris beat me to it!)
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