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Front caliper bolt fix - Lal & JB



Lal wrote....
U do seem to give your trucks a hard time :)
===============Yes, they have to work for their living and work they do. Once working for
a Christian mission we had 'visitors' who were fund raisers back in UK.
They expressed surprise that we used 'posh' toys like they see at
Christopher's gymkhanas and asked why we don't use cheap vehicles. After a
week of trailing them over the mountains and checking our wolf traps in the
forest every day they realised that the work rate we expect is somewhat
more than the 4X4's they see in Kensington or the local pony club. One
even took trouble to say at the end they realise that aid agencies need the
best to get the work done and give best output for charity gifts, hence
TLC's are used by the Red Cross and UN. We rate the 75 best closely
followed by the 80, then the hi-lux, then the Prado despite the awful
steering system, The RAV4 we found a joke and the man who bought it was
fired thankfully before he could buy another one, not fired for buying the
RAV4 though.
===========I have lost one of my brake caliper bolts on my LHS (as u sit in the drives
seat and look out or DS-US truck) on the front.
==================Yes, you prove the point, and that's the side that loses them first.
Pleased you have used a similar fix but lucky you didn't have to bore them out.
===============John B.
Wow, now you know what its like to be milked, though I think cows have a
better experience as they get grub at the same time. Your 80 is a good car,
they don't have many 'problems' but 'features' that need keeping an eye on.
But if you are into TLC's that will be your hobby anyway. Time you took a
closer interest, but you must look round it every week. I always check all
transmission levels before I go on a long trip. You have to take care. Ask
any Land Rover owner - they do it more often but also replace more parts too.
I will not go through the litany of problems that you have for 2 reasons,
first is that most on this list have a model like yours and I don't
technically. Second you will get some good responses from our mates. BUT......
Find yourself a good back street mechanic who likes working on Japanese
4X4's, whatever the make. Isuzu, Daihatsu, Mitsi etc. This is cos the Japs
have a way of doing things that's different. Once a mechanic has sympathy -
and training - for the Japanese way of doing things they can apply it to
others of similar spec. They all use the same electrics, brakes, and
transmission bits too. I bet your toy dealer does 99% of work on the
Yaris, Avensis, and other models with the occasional hairdresser's RAV4. I
bet they don't often work on a Hi-lux. Cos they get fixed by plant hire
mechanics - so that's another place to find a good man. Drop the Toy
dealer, any Toy dealer. I don't want a Yaris expert let loose on my hard
working Cruiser. (I will soon be posting a story of the wonderful
Inchcape dealers in Aylesbury - a company claimed to be the world's
largest Toy franchise).
On the CV's, that is a very strange set of circumstances and I would still
bet even if it is full-time 4WD its been in gear when it shouldn't have
been, especially as they fitted original spec parts first time. This is why
in my 'business' we like to use part-time 4WD and manual boxes. We have
control when the machinery is engaged and it can all be fixed in the field,
things like auto boxes can't.
As for the head and engine I can't comment. My engine was never imported
into Europe though it is the most common in Oz. Its a 12 valve non-turbo,
basic and simple and goes forever, which is why they still make it for
specialist use in the oil industry, aid agencies and the like. (A mate who
is a purchasing officer in the Sahara bought 6 new 75's six months ago, all
with the HZ engine and leaf springs, for oil exploration).
Big ends, well believe whatever you like and our friends here may give you
better advice. But my engine is over 250,000km and has never had new big
ends, uses half litre of oil max between changes and sounds like a sewing
machine. I use synthetic oil and change it with filter every 5000km for
about 80 quid.
Injector ? Is that pump or injector? Pumps do cost that much to refurb - if
they need it. Often the cause of a pump 'problem' is the seal under the
top plate on older models. If I remember the whole kit costs 7.50 from
Milner and I did it in less than 90 minutes on my 80 - its the same on my
Mitsi Pajero too - there, what did I tell you about interchangeability of
Jap 4X4's? I know others have paid 350 quid for a dealer to do it with the
pump off. But its easy to do in situ - I can mail you a blow-by-blow
account of how to do it if you like off-list. Injectors cost about 35quid
to refurb and replace nozzles, but they need doing every 60,000 miles or so
at an injection specialist, not the toy dealer.
Brake hoses that price? if you mean the flex hoses to the calipers then
they cost me 23 from Milner in August and they were original Toy ones. If
you don't have new copper washers when you fit them, then anneal the old
ones with a blow torch or hot air paint stripper.
By the way, did you get the picture of the caliper OK ?
Let the answers begin gentlemen.............
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - now away in the mountains again for 2
days - the snow is bringing the wolves down into our villages.