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FW Meet up



Here's a response from one of the list members.
From: "Paul Mills" <[Email address removed]>
To: <[Email address removed]>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 07:46:53 -0000
I don't have the time to look at the mailings regularly and still haven't
posted anything; but I am still around!
I am also happy to meet up with a group of you guys and show you the way
around Salisbury Plain. At the moment I am free anytime weekends from now
until the 12th of December. I know Clive is interested
Paul Mills
Paul Mills
Woodside Fostercare Ltd
Telephone: 01453 759836
Fax: 01453 759515
Mobile: 07973 452167
E mail: [Email address removed]
Website: www.woodsidefostercare.co.uk
Julian Voelcker
[Email address removed]
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom