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Gary's 3 litre TD Prado



Hi Gary - you're a lucky man with that beast. Looks almost identical under
the bonnet to my swb 70 3-litre. The headlamp washers on mine only work
when the headlamps are on - and they're fairly useless at getting serious
mud off. I'm probably going to take mine out and use the underbonnet space
for relocating the (front) battery so as to create a bit more clearance for
the intercooler pipes I've acquired and want to fit.
You should get 25-28mpg if it's like mine, but if it's all town driving it
will be lower. On a long run I can get 30, but that goes down as soon as I
start stop-start traffic driving.
Generally, hallo to everyone again - I haven't posted for a while, but I'm
learning from reading the list digest each night.