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Got a new/used cruiser- CO/USA



My 1996 FZJ 80 - 173K was totalled recently (mostly front end damage but
frame got wrapped a bit) at an intersection by a dummy (in a car)
running a red light with 3" of snow on the ground!
No injuries so that was good. His car was wrecked. Mine was fixable
($5-7K) but likely not fully insurable after the 'fix' so decided to
look elsewhere. I've had mine since new and has had an LPG conversion on
it but rarely used over here (Colorado/USA) as price difference with
regular petrol not worth it (approx $1.70/US gallon at the moment).
May pick mine back up 4 parts at auction.
Prices over here are dropping quite a bit. $9-10K max for a low mileage
(<130K miles) for a 1997 80 or LX450 version. Most around the $8K mark
with some going for $4-7K. I've a 'little' list of 300 4sale around the
country. Expect lots more to start popping up once gas prices start
going up again (normally do over the summer). Some bargains if u're
prepared to show around and handle the maintaince aspect (was $800 to
ship from Baltimore to Liverpool 10ys ago :)
I picked up this one
( with
higher mileage (204K) but mechanically seems good and has had the head
gasket replaced, plus some xtra 4x4 goodies. Interior not in great shape
as guy had loose dogs.
So we'll see how this progresses. May have to sell my 33" Simex (not
that ever played in much mud over here) now that have 35" chunkies!
Brendan Lally
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Hey Lal
Sorry to hear about your beloved cruiser, but maybe it saved you in its
final moment.
So I see your still hanging on there, no sign of you coming back.
We still can't get parts for our cruisers over here, very hard to get one
that has been scrapped or should I say impossible.
Anyway glad to hear your still with us and I'm sure you wont be buying a
yaris either.
john 92 HDJ 80 1HDT
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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