Greetings from Borneo!

tnuz adam

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hi my name is tinus and i'm from Sabah, Malaysia. im really glad to have found this forum as locally, it seems that theres none of such :) .. anyway, after reading the newbie template, so here goes ..

My Cruiser: LJ79, 19 yrs old with mileage roughly 300K+-
Mods on my Cruiser: mostly stock standard but with extended front bumper, full over head air conditioning system (will snap a few
photos soon)
Plans for my Cruiser: thinking of replacing the power plant to 1KZ
4x4 Experience: mild encounter only :)

best regards and thanks to the moderator for approving my account to!

Ecky Thump

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Welcome to the forum Tinus

Serious amount of mileage on your truck, Have you owned it the 19 years :?:


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Selamat Datang Tinus.
I’m in Borneo too for work, but a bit further south in Kalimantan.