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GRJ78 Troopy to Overland ready home

Once again congrats on the build. Been following from the start and it’s a fine specimen!

I have a question you might be able to answer - I may have a similar fog light as the one pictured in the early days of your build (the Aus one before you had to move it for the IVA). On mine it’s not working anymore and i can’t find the bleeding fuse. I traced the wire to the fog light switch below the air con dials, then back out through the firewall into the engine bay where it gets lost in the loom. Checked and replaced every fuse I have by the starter battery and passenger footwell. Do you recall where yours was?
I’m not sure which fog you refer to. The OE pillar lights or the aftermarket one I fitted under the bumper for IVA? Either way it sounds like an earth issue. Check the earth connector is clean and making good contact with chassis if that’s how it is connected. All light fuses are in the footwell kick panel.
The one under the bumper for the IVA. Forgive the ignorance but where was your earth connected to the chassis?
Yes I earthed it to the chassis. As this is an aftermarket light it would also be worth checking the switch function and connection if the earth doesn’t fix it
I connected the earth to one of the captive nuts on the end of the chassis/rear cross member