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hand brake problem solved


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Mar 6, 2010
Over the years my hand brake would quickly vary its settings and I'd end up with the brakes shoes rubbing too much but because it's very gradual it creeps up on you, but we solved the problem yesterday.
Firstly the 2H, gearbox, transfer box and axles in my 40 are all from a pre-83 HJ60.
The long spring the holds the shoes at the top, just below the auto adjuster is the problem: Where this spring locates in the shoe at the hand brake actuator end and should tuck in behind the raised section of that plate, it doesn't and that holds the plate that controls the auto adjuster away from the adjuster thus allowing the auto adjuster to work, uncontrolled.

It took a while to work out why the hand brake plate did not come fully back to the inside of the shoe and why the inner cable under the hub was slack.

The reason is the return part of the big spring at the top, the bit you use with your grips to locate the spring, was too long. We cut 4mm off it, still plenty left to get the grips on, and now everything works as it should.