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Handbrake balance.


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Nov 30, 2023
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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help me. The handbrake/parking brakes aren't balanced as when I apply the handbrake the vehicle still moves forward on my driveway which is about 10-15 degree down slope.
I put in a genuine cable about 2 years ago along with new shoes, springs and clips when I overhauled the brakes but could never get the right hand side to adjust up right. I probably will have to go through the whole process again of adjusting them. The left side seems to be mostly OK as when the cable pulls it seems to favour that side .
Anyway hoping someone may have some ideas?
P.S. I mentioned before it had 460,000 miles on it but I have no idea why I mentioned that figure. actually had 478,805 miles on the clock genuine.
Hi Barry,

That's impressive miles to still have it on the road, rust being our enemy. I'm 100,000 behind...

I presume you have adjusted the cog in the wheel drum on both sides.. this is the most effective way of sorting the handbrake
Hi, yep tried the cogs. The left side seems more effective, but when I do the right hand side what I do is tighten the shoes until they just stop the hub from turning then I back off 3 or 4 teeth but then it seems too loose, it's all trial and error.
I'll go at it again after Christmas.
A few years ago I got a lot of work done underneath on the chassis...cutting out rotten steel and welding in new steel also got the chassis treated all by the same place. Next year I plan to bring it to another place that was recommended down in the south east of the country and they can inspect it, do any repairs and retreat the chassis and any repairs.