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Happy Bastille day !



I've been to many Bastille Day celebrations over the years in towns big and
small in France. Always had a good time, wish I was there now.
France is logical with its holidays, it takes them on the actual day rather
than here in the UK where, for example May Day is celebrated on the Monday
following May 1st so it could be nearly a week late. I'd much rather we
follwed France even if on occasion the holiday fell on a weekend.
Benoit, our whole political system is totally corrupt. In fact the least
corrupt part of it is the Royal Family itself. I tell you Benoit, you are
far, far better off in France, life here in the UK is terrible for most.
Best of luck with your axle, I have no engine!! :)
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This day we celebrate in France independence from corruption royal kingdom
when we grand fathers *smash* the castle prison of them and take it to
pieces. But in UK you still have corruption royal kingdom called "house of
lords" is what I read in presse.
So I but not have my 80 too, still waiting for disasemble front
differentiel, good news is waiting for rugby finale with stupide Yaris and
wife. Stupide to have holiday on saturday but this is France remember. Oh
but my boss is happy.