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Head Gasket replacement result


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Jul 3, 2022
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Hi all, thanks for previous advice. Head Gasket leaking externally has been resolved. Looking at the old Gasket, there were additional faults internally. Head planed, all good now. Engine sounds and runs better, as one would expect after repairs.Just for info the cost here in Spain was around 1300 euros, independent workshop. Regards to all and of course Happy Christmas.

how long were you chasing the issue before you made the decision to get it done?
Hi, about 3 weeks of daily water loss, the garage In Spain took her in to sort the leak, All they did was to smear some sealer on s leaking core plug. They claimed to not have a coolant pressure tester. Went to my local garage the following week and had it pressure tested. Booked it in, head skimmed, all 6 core plugs changed. She was getting through about half a litre a day. Hope this answers you. Good luck with yours.