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Heated seats


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Nov 20, 2022
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Morning all.
Since buying my 07 SWB D4D I have only three issues only one of which is major.
1. ULEZ ☹️
2. Wether or not the panel with the headlight height adjuster on should be illuminated when the lights are on ?
3. Not having heated seats. Has anyone retrofitted either S/H OE equipment or an aftermarket kit ?
Not sure if I’ve written this in the correct part of the site but hopefully so. As I would really appreciate answers to 1 & 2.
If the truck was not fitted with heated seats as standard, I’d try and get hold of a drivers seat from a breakers, with most landcruisers, the wiring should be there as part of the loom they chuck in all 120s, check under the seats and the plastics between the two front seats, chances are the wiring’s there ready to plug in. If your not bothered about your passengers you only need the one seat.
The problem I’ve been finding is that I only want to do the drivers seat. And, Im pretty sure I would be able to use the elements from either front seat. However, I have not come across a heated front seat with any warranty whatsoever south of £300.
Thanks for the heads up about the wiring loom. That would mean I need a switch, relay, fuse and the heating elements. Then just plug it all together.
Thanks again.
2) some of the buttons on the 120 are just not illuminated - you have to learn where they are :)

Welcome back @Higgy, have you upgraded to a 120? :)
Ah. I thought that might be the case. The mirror folding button is one that you can need to find quickly especially on dark country lanes. And it doesn’t light up
I think it depends on what model lc you have as to wiring bits already there, I have cloth seats and have been into/under the centre consol and seats for other things, but dont rememember any extra wiring there, but open to be proved wrong.
AFAIK leather version had the heated option, so not an easy swap if you have the cloth version re wiring issues ?

Good to see you back in the 120 fold Higgy, you know it was a mistake getting rid of yours, lol.
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That sounds promising then.

No, Higgy that Karl and I have referred to, and answered you, is not you mate - he is an old, well known member on here that we often have banter with, especially on the joys of 120 ownership.
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No worries.
just spoke to a guy at Jap spares who isn’t interested in taking my details in case he gets a knackered seat that he can cut out the heating pads. Bluntly told me he would only sell me a complete seat + VAT + postage. Four times the cost of the pads.