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Hello and my 2018 Landcruiser with a Magnuson supercharger


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Jan 1, 2021
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Hello all, I bought a new Landcruiser in the US with a 5.7L gas engine. Brand new I had the dealer install a Magnuson supercharger and they used a Unichip for tuning. The truck runs exstreemly strong and perfectly smooth most of the time however I’m having the following running issues. Check engine light: it gets check engine lights consistently. I’ve taken it to the local dealer more than once and the fault is right fuel bank rich and left fuel bank rich. Other running issues include an occasional surge at a traffic light, occasional rough idle and sometimes it will stall (not good in an intersection), once at interstate speed it just suddenly started running rough to the point I thought it would stall and then it just cleared and ran perfectly, cold start inconsistent too high idle (around 2000rpm. I’m convinced this is the Unichip, this vehicle runs so good and strong 90% of the time with or without the check engine light illuminated. So far after months of hounding Tony at Unichip sent me a new unit with a different map, I had no check engine light for about 100 Miles and then same old same old. I called Unichip and Tony actually answered the phone, he asked me to have the dealer reset the ECU and email him the report which I did (same old again left and right fuel bank rich), no reply. Does anyone know anyone that can tune this set up? Is their a replacement ECU that an accomplished tuner can work with? My wife refuses to drive this truck, she’s deemed it unreliable and dangerous.