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Hello Everyone!


New Member
Oct 27, 2023
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Thanks for welcoming me in the club!
My name is Adam located in eastern Europe, Hungary. Altough currently I dont have a Land CruiserI hope I'll have one someday, to go offroading with.
My offroading experience is mostly related to the "Somogybabod" festival and some touring.
Why am I here, you might ask. Well I have inherited an ld car with a VM diesel engine (HR 488OHV) in it, The 5 cyclinder version of which (HR 588 )was also used in Land Cruiser bj73, The engine needs renovation, and for that Im hunting for servica manuals and so on.
I'm hoping to meet some people here who have already undergone the same restoration.
Hi Adam,

So your vehicle has the VM 5 cylinder engine (HR588 HTA)?
I don't know what the HR 488 is but there is a more common 4 cylinder VM engine, the HR492HT, which was installed after the 5 cylinder one starting in 1990. Since 1990 was the transition year, if it's later, it's a 4 cylinder and if it's earlier then it's a 5 cylinder.
I've got a 1988 5 cylinder VM bj73. I've also got a Spanish workshop manual for the 5 cylinder VM.