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Hello from KZJ95 in south London.


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Jan 24, 2023
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Hello All, Nice to e-meet you. I purchased a 1998 KZJ95 just before Christmas and I'm loving it. It is in need of some love. It all ( I think ) seem to work and is my daily driver at the moment. I would like to get it into perfect working order and I'm willing to do it slowly, by myself and on a budget. (My main obstacle and the thing holding me back from spending money is ULEZ and what might happen (It's a London thing)).
I have been a Land Rover kind of guy for years but have always loved the reliability and build quality of Toyota's having learnt to drive in a starlet and had several others over the years, always tried to trash them to death but never been able to kill any of them. Instead of getting a land rover I thought i would get something reliable and built well, Land cruiser's fit the bill. I'm enjoying it. It ha the 1KE-TE intercooled engine which seem strong and pulls like a train.
You will be bombarded with tech questions in the weeks/months to come. Please forgive me and thanks for your advise in advanced.

Talk soon
Nottingham you mean .

They made a film about him

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Hi, I,m in the CR5 area (Coulsdon).

I have started telling people that the only place my truck can't go, is into London.

I actually head out of London for work (Biggin Hill).

And you?