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May 21, 2021
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Hello from Ljubljana, Slovenia! Looking forward to learning.
I dreamed of Toyoty LC for years. I recently bought a 2006 LC Prado Executive. The car looked good and had all service hystory. Unfortunatelly the problems started after a week. Without going into details I am solving them one by one. I never received a user manual so I am learning about the car the hard way. Asked local Toyota for the manual. They can not get one for me. I see on your forums that member Simon5030 has the manuals. Would be very happy if he sent one to me [email protected]. Tried to sen him a PM but was not sucessful. The latest situation from today is the message on the screen that deasel filter should be changed. Dont even know if it is DPF of just the simple deasel filter. Can someone please tell me if my engine KDJ120L-GKAEYW(CD) has an DPF fitted at all?
I am sure that your forum will be very helpfull to me. If only I had the manual. I was so much looking forward to this car but am now more and more disapointed.
Any help, quidance and suggestions will be wormly wellcome.
Thank you.


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Dec 23, 2016
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At a guess sounds like the fuel filter under the bonnet don't be put off by the slow response to your questions the members who know your truck will be along later to answer questions and if you put up some pictures of your Toyota and what you want to do things like travelling and camping offroad driving and other mods then you have a wealth of information here welcome to the club Matjaz