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Apr 29, 2023
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Hi, my name is Sharon, I have a 1999 LC Colorado 3ltr, I have owned her since she had done just over 30,000 miles which was 17 years ago, she has now done 168,000 all miles driven by me. I have hauled horses on occasion to help a friend and the 2 touring caravans we have had over the years, but in reality she has had an easy life, and I take very good care of her. The future for her is a complete restoration, car SOS style, but when that will be done I have no idea. Meanwhile she is my trusty stead and has her forever home with me.
Here she is.


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Welcome Sharon, Cruiser looks great. I have a silver one myself (2000 petrol V6). Before you consider a restoration I'd have a good look at what you are going to restore as the Collie ( and 120 series) do suffer from rust in quite a few areas and you could be chasing the rust bug around for some ( expensive) time.
Should you want any advice with the restoration process I'm sure there are plenty on here ( myself included) who will share their experience and expertise.
Hi, yes I have had to have a couple of small welds done, but these beauties are getting fewer and far between now, and with the electric fiasco going on right now (sorry any electric fans) I figure it’s time to save these treasures. My dream is a full restoration from the ground up before things become un doable. Let’s face it, the amount that would cost me would be no where near the cost of a new decent truck, and I’m not convinced ‘new’ and ‘decent’ can be said in the same sentence these days. My ex husband and I used to restore P6 rovers, just for fun, so I kinda know what to expect. Hard work, money and patience. I’m an ex coach driver who was always interested in the maintenance side of things, so have seen big stuff fixed and restored over the years. It may cost more than she is worth now, but give it a couple of years, and I know, she will gain that value back. Prices are already starting to level out on these ol girls.
BTW, thank you, I will no doubt be on here asking those more informed for advice. I apologise in advance haha.
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Mmmn, I remember the P6, that was my first car, a V8 auto FXE213J, I was still at school in the lower sixth. I'd not look too hard through rose tinted glasses though. I had a 2002 VX Collie a while ago and changed it for an 05 120, the leap forward was amazing for the £3k it cast to change.
I can see where you're coming from but I wouldn't rule out an upgrade for restoration money.
Welcome Pixie. Gorgeous setup with the Eriba. I've had two older ones and they're the only standard touring caravans fit to travel behind a Land Cruiser if you ask me.
Welcome pixie

I have two swb collies and i reckon if i could have the chassis dip galvanized that would pretty much be restoration done , though one could use a full respray because i taught myself paint repair on it and the other i suppose would benefit from new clearcoat .
Jacob 100, it is an Eriba Pontos with a fixed island bed, solar and on board water tank with hot water boiler, a real home from home off grid masterpiece, sadly we are just about to put it up for sale as I am a full time carer for my mum who has dementia, so we don’t get the chance to go away and it’s such a waste. Maybe another one in the future, or somthing else quirkey, I don’t do normal haha. Toyota doesn’t even know it’s on the back, dream to tow.
Yes, didn’t realise when we bought it. Just loved the layout. I think there are only about 6 in the UK. Such a shame as it matches my Collie to a tea