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HJ60 Oil Pressure



I have a 1982 HJ60 with 2H motor (6cyl diesel) 190,000 miles, 30k since
rebuild and new oil pump
At the end of last summer, I notices a sudden drop in oil pressure.
Oil level ok, gave engine oil flush and filter change.
Still low pressure.
Since then have changed the oil pressure relief valve and spring, still low
oil pressure.
Took off electric sender and put in capillary gauge (in fact tried 3
different gauges). All gave 80 or so psi when cold at tickover, up to 110
or so at 2500-300 rpm. Only a little lower when warm(ish)..only run up in
workshop, not on the road. This seems ok, if not a bit high??
Bought and fitted new sender. Still no change to indicated cockpit reading.
On changing the sender, needed to remove the top off the centrifugal filter,
and noticed a crack and a small piece missing on the spinner unit (on the
lip where the 'O'ring sits). When the engine is started with the cover off,
oil pisses out of the crack, spinner unit. Fitted.....still
indicating low on the cockpit gauge.
The electrical cockpit gauge shows the correct resistance across the
winding....65 ohm, but so does a second hand one I tried that I know is
knackered, the needle is totally immovable on it.
I have ordered another gauge for the cluster (=A322), but this does not arrive
till end of next week some time.
Since I have changed so many other parts, and not had a result, I am not so
hopeful that this will give a result.
So.....what the hell is going on? Anyone got any ideas? I have the
original Toyota service manual, but no specs to say what the oil pressure
figure should be in psi/bar. Even tried the local diesel/engine machine
shop. They have all the diesel spec books, but no figures listed for this
engine......all other Toyota engines, yes, but not this one!!
Anyone out there with a 2H motor with figures that their engine is producing
in psi off a capillary gauge. I know the figures that I am getting sound
reasonable, and I know what average figures I would expect, but what I would
like to see is real figures from a real in service engine.
Neil Paisnel
On 5/29/05, Neil Paisnel <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I can't help with 2H engine specs but it just occurred to me that
there's one more way to you check the dashboard gauge.
Does the FSM state sender voltage range between low and high pressure?
If so, you can use a potentiometer (any one above 1 kOhm will do) to
feed voltage directly to the gauge and see how it reacts. For
instance, in my '92 HDJ80 LC voltage difference between battery Vcc
and output from the oil pressure sender is as follows:
High (3/3 on the scale): 3.7V
Mid high (2/3 on the scale): 2.0V
Mid low (1/3 on the scale): 1.6V
Low (above 0): 1.2V
Very low: 1.0V
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 5/31/05, Roman <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Have you solved the problem?
If not, where does the gauge pointer rest when the ignition switch is
OFF? At or below the 0 mark?
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80