Horrible, horrible noises


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I am in uk
Mar 5, 2015

I've got some horrible noises coming from the front end of my car. It's intermittent but sounds like something that's splined spinning. It is a very loud and angry sounding noise. It happens in any gear and doesn't always stop when you put the car into neutral or push the clutch in.

Initially it started as short bursts of noise but it's getting worse and lasting longer (up to 6/7 seconds). The garage have heard the noise and don't know what could be causing it. We dropped the oil out of the front diff and there was no/ very little swarf on the plug and the oil looked clean. The noise doesn't seem to be changing frequency notably as you slow the car down or speed up.

I'm completely at a loss and so is the garage. We're going to take the front axle apart and look at the transmission as I think it is somewhere beyond the gearbox.

Any ideas of where to look?

Many thanks

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I am in uk
Oct 7, 2014
Bognor Regis UK
Not taking anything away from Rich's offer but there is an upgrade available which changes the bronze bush to roller bearings. These are available from Milners and from what I can gather are what is fitted to 100 series.
This is entirely correct and is exactly what I’ve changed to simply because the spindles had worn due to slack bearings and got changed complete. Hence why I have spare bushes. I don’t collect them. :)
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Jun 28, 2016
I had a bronze bush fail... It makes a very loud squeeky noise.
If you want to replace it, replace it with on OEM bush or replaces the complete spindle with the new style roller bearing. The roller bearing can be ordered seperate but does not fit in all the spindles.
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