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How long have you had yours?


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Jun 30, 2011
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Thought provoked by a thread resurrection in the 90 section.

I've owned my truck just coming upon 15 years. Its been there through much of my adult life... they say you're not really an adult, brain wise, until 25.. so that's about right!

How long have you owned yours? Any other long term love affairs??

It will be our ten year anniversary in a couple of weeks, I bought her as a stop gap vehicle while I was waiting for a new car delivery but liked her so much I cancelled the new car and kept Amy. Considering taking her out for twenty gallons of E5 to celebrate if I can afford it.
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Met just over a year ago. Dumped my previous partner of seven years unceremoniously. Now the honeymoon is over and we have to figure out how to make it work long term.

No other flings but I sometimes find myself looking at big Germans on the Internet.
I had had my 90 just shy of 20 years (19 years and 6 months) when we parted a few months ago.

Felt like the right thing at the time and was looking forward to something different. However, 120s have started to catch my eye recently! :icon-rolleyes:
18 years after a 7 year stint with a black green oval.
Elsie for 21 years and she's 49 years
I am aiming for this kind of target with Christoph. My parenthood is around 2 years. He’s just a kid now at just 9 years old . I have a long way to go..
Any particular reason why all give a female name to their Landcruisers. My daughter gave the name and thinks he’s the strongest and biggest as she plays, enjoy his music, makes a picnic table, a doll house of him etc etc.


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My first cruiser was a BJ40 which I bought in 2000 and had for 6 years and loved it.
Then bought an HJ61 with every option. Absolutely loved it and regret not still having it now.
Bought two 80’s after that which were Stonking too.
Have had “Tembo” the HJ60 for over 7 years now and have grown to love her speed ( lack of ) and agility ( not )! Drove it to work and back 2 hours a day for 5 years to get to know her and added 90,000 miles. She’s a bit like triggers broom ( everything has been replaced at least once except chassis and drivetrain ) but essentially a standard vehicle with some camping mods. The best things are that there are no electronics more complicated than a relay. Everything is simple and rugged and easy to understand.
The downsides are rust and OEM spare parts are expensive especially since brexit as most come from Cruiserworld.
Have learnt to fill every new part with cavity wax and repeat as often as needed. Now that I am retired I can do all the work myself without the risk of not getting it ready in time for work.
ive had mine 16 years now, she’s taken me all over North Africa,Morocco , Mauritania,Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, several times, Russia and many european countrie. Even now after many many off road miles, motorway slogs and local trips she still puts a smile on my face
I’ve owned my 1994 HDJ80 for 20 years. Purchase was forced by my beloved Mk1 Shogun being stolen by those types that favour them. Loved the cruiser just as much as the Shogun and it was like new being a JDM import. Been my daily driver since and still puts the ‘Cruiser Grin’ on my face every time.
Wow, I never thought for a minute I'd be up there with Tonytoyota, or even exceed Rodger, but there it is! I've had the 70 for over 23 years now and don't think I'll ever get rid of it. Not the most comfortable car on tarmac but, boy, does it ever come alive when it's off it. Like Andy I've taken it all over North Africa many times, though never made it to Egypt. Yeah - tell me about that 'Cruiser Grin' again!


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