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How to change speakers in 75 series Landcruiser


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Nov 4, 2012
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HZJ79R below.... HZJ75 has an addendum at bottom of page

First of all the new speakers, after looking around I settled on JBL GTO429 4" 2 Way Car Audio Speakers. Made by Harmon Industies in the US they are a good quality speaker.

Here is the link from where I purchased them in OZ

Second .... Beer.... Its amazing how it calms you down when things aren't going right! :)

Tools.... A small socket set, 10 & 12 mm sockets, star scewdriver, 6mm drill bit, drill. Cup for screws.

The Passenger side speaker is easy to get to, just pull out the glove box, 7 screws from memory & its easy access. The top & bottom nuts that hold the speaker in are 10mm. The wires plug straight into the speaker. The original speaker has only 2 fixing points, the JBL 4. I took the top bracket off the old speaker, flatened it a bit and cut off the right screw lug so it would not interfere with the movement of the glove box stop bracket. I also drilled out the bottom lug a little larger to fit over the thread. Fitted the small bracket on the top lug with the existing screw and thats it. Piece of cake.

Now the drivers side..... this is where the beer comes in :)

I tried every trick in the book to get to the speaker without pulling out the instrument cluster... Rang my auto elecy mate & he told me to harden up & figure it out... more beer :)

Sooo...... Undo the bottom aircon plasic duct & remove it. You will need a star scewdriver & 12mm socket just the 2 screws hold it in place. Undo your instrument cluster surround, not forgetting the 2 screws counter sunk above the dials. The surround will come loose at the front. You have to lift the front up a bit & pop the back 2 clips out that go down into the dash.... Its not easy... & I had a more beer episode before it finally came free :) The speaker becomes visible & for a moment you think I'll be able to get to this without pulling out the instrument panel..... wrong.... Take out the 4 screws holding the instrument cluster to the dash. You will be able to just move it a little to the side without unplugging anything. Then you can get to the 1 screw that holds the plastic air con duct in place... this baby is seriously in the way. You have to pull it down and out and is why you have pulled the bottom pastic aircon duct off. The speaker is now at your mercy... replace the speaker same as the passenger side (I didn't have to cut a lug off), & reinstall everything you have pulled off.

Turn on the stereo.... turn up the Blues !!! mmm yipee..... more beer :)

The stereo I put in is a pearler & at $128 dollars delivered a bargain. 6.2 inch screen DVD, MP3, SD card, USB, Bluetooth, reversing camera etc... but beware it has FM radio but not AM.

Here is the link..

I only had to file a fraction off the surround & it looks just like a bought one..

Enjoy your beer :)


My wife drives one of these vehicles & after hearing the sound out of my HZJ79 she asked me to get a pair of speakers for her

All went well until removal of the instrument panel...... The 79 moved over easily but the 75's dash won't move over at all. So the removal & replacement of the speaker must be done with the top aircon duct in situ..... make sure you have the bottom duct off to gain access. The bottom 10mm screw is a bastard to get to but you can move the duct enough to get a 1/2 inch drive ratchet on to it.. a 1/4 inch drive is just not long enough.... Replacement of the bottom screw is just as hard... I also cut the drivers side speaker lug off so it could fit.

Result was a few brownie points & another beer.... she loves her new speakers

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