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Webasto outlet to tent


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Mar 7, 2010
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Well I finally got round to sorting out a better solution for ducting the hot air from my webasto (mounted inside the truck) to the RTT
All made up with bits that I had lying around
Removed & replaced one of the 1/4 light rear door windows with an aluminium panel, found a water tank filler fitting from my boat stuff with a 21/4" thread & drilled out & made an adaptor to screw into it And soldered on a short piece off 21/2’ copper pipe.
this then allows a boiler flue plastic plume elbow to fit snugly over it, (tried waste and rainwater pipe but that couldn’t take the heat), and so it then just ducts into the tent.
inside, there is another elbow pointing downwards that I just push over a bit of flexi ducting when it’s in use, this still allows the door to open & close when connected.
so all I have to do now is unscrew the blanking plug, screw in the elbow & hey presto, a much neater solution than my previous effort

Will do a better paint job on the panel when time allows!
Be a bit like those Dyson urinals in the motorway services