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How to get a steady 12v supply for camper trailer ect???

Chris Pellatt

New Member
Sep 5, 2023
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I tried a heap of different search titles but didn't find anything that helped.

We just picked up a LC200 GX. The previous owner has run 2 large welding cables (just what I call the thick orange cable you can get) to the rear boot and I was wanting to run some 4B&S to an anderson plug on the tow hitch for our camper. The camper has a DC2DC charger in it so I just need a simple supply. Now when I was poking around with my multimeter I was seeing 26.9v and 30.7v while running. Surely this will damage any 12v system I hook up. I'm also wanting to fit a DC2DC charger in the rear of my vehicle for our in car house battery/12v system.

How do I get a 12v supply from my LC200?? I can wire things and test but have never dealt with increasing\decreasing voltage like this.
If the LC200 is a standard 12 volt system, I would suggest simply removing the existing wiring and running dedicated feeds from the starter battery to wherever you want to go. You can then be sure the wiring is as it should be. I have a trailer with a DCDC charger powered by a single feed from the main vehicle battery. Connection is via an Andersen connector.
Where do those "thick orange cables" come for and go to.
Are they connected to the battery front end, and something rear end ?
Sounds as if someone was going to/has connected a split charge system, which have a cut in/cut out voltage and some VSR's need 2 heavy cables to lessen voltage drop.
I have have no idea where your high voltage figures come from though.
Oh man I'm an idiot. Steve Wright is straight onto it. Came back to it today and wanted to check things over again. I connected up the multimeter and bam.....get a proper reading. I turned the dial the wrong way. I could of given myself an upper cut right then and there.