Howling Moon 1.4 Tourer roof tent

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I did a lot of research before I bought this, I looked at a lot of tents from the cheaper brands right up to Hannibal, Eazi-Awn and Howling Moon. In the end it was a toss up between this and the Eazi-Awn and this came up sooner on ebay.

Once you look at the quality of a Howling Moon tent you will understand why they are so much more expensive than the cheaper Chinese and unbranded models.

This roof tent is the thicker/warmer canvas type. I bought it, from ebay, in late 2012. It is now approximately 10 years old but has clearly seen very little use.

Since I have owned it I have slept in it for about 15 nights on a 3 week touring trip to Morocco in 2013, plus a few UK weekends.

The mattress has only been slept on for 20 nights and was fitted with a genuine Howling Moon waterproof mattress cover from new.

The tent top cover is approximately 5 years old and I still have the old one as well.

It also comes with 2 shoe holders, which fit into the channel and hang just below the entrance behind the ladder, as well as a HM inner liner which acts like an inner tent to cut down on condensation.

It has a 2 part extending ladder and I also have a short extension lengths to allow for taller vehicles.

The canvas and flysheet are in perfect condition although the floor has been drilled several times to fit to different roof racks (including mine). I have, however sealed all of the holes and they give no problems.

It comes with the lower awning/shower room. This is made from a lighter material which makes it easier to put up than the heavier canvas one. I have never used this but I am assured it is in reasonably good condition, when I purchased this I was informed that the zip has come away from the material in one small place. However this doesn't affect it's use. It can be left open to allow access into the back of the vehicle or it can be zipped up completely for really bad weather.

It is a 1.4 Tourer which gives you a 1.4m x 2.4m (4ft 6im x 8ft) sleeping area. It is tall enough, inside, to kneel up to get dressed. The mattress is around 3" thick and very comfy. There are 4 storage pockets in the tent, each capable of hold a pair of trainers or a water bottle, magazines etc.

We always used 4 pillows and a king size 13 tog quilt which stayed in the tent when folded although you could use sleeping bags if preferred.
All the doors and windows are fitted with mossy nets which can also be opened for a complete al fresco effect.

It weighs about 57kg and can be mounted on ordinary roof bars if you don't have a full roof rack.

It measures 2.4 meters long when erected (1.2 meters folded), 1.4 meters wide and 1.2 meters high when erected.

Always dry stored in garage when not in use.

A new tent, to this specification is approximately £2,000, good second-hand ones are becoming harder to find.

On eBay this would probably fetch around £900 but I'm offering it here for


Located in Shropshire, buyer would need to collect.

Apologies for the poor images.










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I'm staggered this hasn't been snapped up.
Fantastic tent, one of the very best in the market and that price is an absolute bargain !!



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Agreed.. Exceptionally well made and about the lowest price I have seen.. unfortunately i already have one otherwise it would already be strapped to my roof rack.

good luck with the sale bat


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I would be all over this, but need one slightly larger. The 1.4 isnt going to work for 2+2 even with the 2 being as tiny as they are.


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I would be all over this, but need one slightly larger. The 1.4 isnt going to work for 2+2 even with the 2 being as tiny as they are.

I wouldn't be too sure about that KB, I've been told I take up enough room for 3 people and Marie hasn't complained once about space in our 1.4 :violence-duel:

Do the folks with minions recommend the "double" tent instead?


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Don't forget there's the downstairs annexe KB. No ladders to fall from and plenty of room for two little ones.
Food for thought.
Think ours is the 1.6 though, but that's only 200mm bigger.


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Hello Paul,

Did you finally sell your tent to Traevor, or is your advert of Howlin moon still up to date?
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