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I need a new sump guard, bash plate


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Mar 22, 2010
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Well, I was a little playing yesterday, and hit heavy on the under engine tin plate.
Heavy, as the 120 almost came to a complete dead stop from about 10 mph.
So the tin plate is bent, buckled, ripped and torn, and needs to be replaced.
I just hope there is no other damage, and just confined to the plate.

So, 2 choices,
1. Go to Mr T. and simply buy a replacement.
2. See if I can get a better one made, from more sturdy plate.

I have lots of time on my hands, days, weeks, months, so if any of the fabricators out there would like to make one for me, will gladly pay good money.

So please, if any one like to help, ?



I could make a steel one in 3mm, but for designing it and fabrication plus coating, I'd charge you the same as an ASFIR one. One offs are very expensive.

hi Chris,

Is 3mm to thick and heavy ?

Maybe 1,6mm or 2mm ?

How much ?
1.6 mm is just perfect, Graham

That is if you want to run into something and have it rip like yours has just done. You asked if one could be made in something more sturdy? Well unless you have some sheets of Kryptonite knocking about then 3mm steel is what you'd need. ASFIR is 6mm aluminium. Equiv in steel is 3mm. So not quite sure what 'more sturdy' but the same thickness would be really. Mr T uses bacofoil, but as it is cross pressed and shaped it gives an illusion of being stronger than that. BUT, in terms of fabricating something as elaborate as that you'd be into a very fancy piece of tin bashing. So.. the option is to go for a single, largely unspanned sheet, touching only well, where it touches. That makes it easy, but it needs to be strong as it spans open areas. You could make it thinner if you welded bracing on the back side. But I charge £70 hr for general fabrication stuff. Cutting a shape out of 3mm, 4mm 5mm costs the same. Sticking strengtheners onto thin plate will cost you the same again. Make sense?

Good, so 3mm it is then.
I would feel much better with 3mm mild steel, than 6mm aluminium.
The factory Toyota really did just tear like bacon foil.

PM coming.

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Graham said:
Good, so 3mm it is then.
I would feel much better with 3mm mild steel, than 6mm aluminium.Graham
I've got a TBR 6mm steering/sump and transfer box ally bash plates, and they have withstood two off-road trips to Croatia and one to Morocco along with all my green laning and week-end plays without any significant damage,
Sorry Graham, wasn't offering to make you one. I was pointing out that buying ASFIR is your best option. My post was by way of explaining just how expensive a one off in steel would be. I actually think that ASFIR ones are too much really given CAD and CAM nowadays. But in terms of how well they work - and they do, they are currently your only viable option. I would be looking at about one full day to make one up plus getting the steel in, working it out, fabricating brackets etc plus all the sundries from my stock. You'd be looking at £700 minimum. Seriously. When Gary was here for his rear storage system he was here for 2 days. But that's the thing with bespoke equipment. It's exactly what you want, but it ain't cheap. Making the first one is the really expensive bit. Working from a pattern is much cheaper.

ASFIR fit straight on. Do the biz and are available on a next day, virtually.

Hi Chris,
I phoned Andrew at TBR.

He can get one from Germany for me for the 26th
Then he can UPS it to me for the 28th

About 270.00

So may be I think about it.
I think Gav is into making some thing similar.
It just irk's me when it's just a bit of 6mm aluminium costing so much.