Iceland offroad to Eyrafallajokull in May 2010


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Aug 3, 2010
Just a few photos from the trip to see the 2nd eruption at Eyrafallajokull in Iceland. Drove within 1.4 kms from the crater which was somewhat scary! It was shooting blocks of lava and rocks as large as a Toyota 1-1.5kms into the air
We also had to drive through the ash cloud on one trip across Myrdallsjokull, with darkness and just about zero visibility as the electrically charged ash rained down...that was something else!

To get to the Eyrafallajokull eruption site we had to drive across Myrdalsjokull which harbours the explosive Katla volcano underneath. The Icecap had been turned completely black by the ashfall, a quite amazing sight. We made our way across the undulating ridges caused by the black ash melting the ice unevenly. First we went to the initial eruption site at Fimmvörduháls, and then decided to journey towards the current eruption site though after a short time we realized that if the wind or eruption intensity changed then we would be venturing into a very dangerous place, so we turned around.
The ash clouds that are generated by many volcanos become electrically charged in the same way that thunderclouds do, and this ash cloud was very charged during our time in iceland and put on several lightning shows which were awe inspiring and almost defied description. We also found that taking photos was difficult to say the least, but we did capture at least some lightning shots.
Once we had driven into a more safe area we noticed that the ash cloud had started to change direction due to the wind dropping and was approaching us. At the same time the air became so charged that our hair started to stand on end. Well actually not mine, as I do not have so much!
The VHF ariel also started to hum, and soon afterwards we heard a huge clap of thunder. It was time to leave.

:D :D :D



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I am in scotland
Apr 16, 2010
Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire
amazing photos and vehicle!

would love to head there on holiday sometime - but the ferry from scotland-iceland route was axed a few years ago.... like the newcastle>norway one...
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Mar 1, 2010
Poole UK
Fantastic photos and very nice Landcruiser.

Thanks very much for posting the two threads, very interesting :thumbup:
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